We had presentations to the Marketing Team on Monday. They wanted to know what support is needed for a 30% growth (we are at 15%… I am at 26%). My team members (other 2 ASMs) didn’t turn up in office. I had to work on it all alone…. it reminded me of B-school group assignments… there would always be ‘free riders’… people who did not contribute to the task at hand. By the time we entered 2nd year everyone knew who the free riders are. They were shunned by every group. Anyway… these 2 ASMs did just that…. free rode. I didn’t care. When they told me; “Sunday hai na… tab kar lenge”… I put my foot down and told them and Boss clearly; “I do not work on Sunday”… Sunday is sacred… Sunday is precious.

The meeting was boring… the marketing team was arrogant… it is strange… all these guys have moved from sales to marketing and yet… why the divide? Its like they cross the Laxman rekha and turn into Ravans (I know my Ramayan correctly)…

On Sunday… Bf and I went shopping. He had postponing it for 3 weeks. Finally, I had to nag him… men make women nag them. We went to Wills Lifestyle. They have a good men’s collection. Bf didn’t try on too many shirts and I didn’t push it. We went to various showrooms and didn’t like anything. Bf picked a shirt in Louie Philip, tried it on and purchased it. I didn’t like it one bit and decided to put my foot down. Enough of shopping like a man. I pulled him to Wills Lifestyle (I am a fan)… picked out 5 shirts.. asked him to try all of them. “What??? You want me to try all 5?” (Men are like that.. they don’t believe in trials… women’s lives are all about trial and error)… We bought 4 out of the 5.

Men… shop like a woman.