I didn’t feel like writing yesterday… I am so tired. My colleagues have been advising me to take more days off for shaadi. I guess I will.

Even though the wedding is extremely simple there is so much preparation. Lemme talk about the preparations made by the girl:

  • Shopping… sarees, blouses, petticoats, jewellery, purse, bangles, footwear… Thank god for K… I would have been lost otherwise. A wedding saree costs between 10k-20k… not kidding… I spent less than 10k on it… spending so much on a saree is ridiculous. When I mentioned the price to M, her reaction was; “Thats it? Saree must be quite light”
  • Pre bridal services… salons have the pre bridal packages which include… waxing, threading, body polishing, hair spa, manicure, pedicure, facial, bleach etc. which begin a month earlier. Like Bf tells me VLCC has become my second home these days… When I am not working I am at VLCC. At a good salon it will cost 8k-15k
  • Bridal services… make up, saree draping, hair styling etc for the wedding day… can cost anywhere between 10k-15k…
  • Honeymoon shopping… will not get into details about this… (let your imagination run riot)

Being a bride is expensive and complicated… Thanks to my friends who have supported at every step of the way… what would I do without them? From helping with shopping to sympathising to mental/emotional support… I am grateful.

I need to blog everyday to be able to say everything on my mind… for some reason, the thoughts are in full flow when I am traveling… but lost and forgotten when I sit down to type them. I guess I am old fashioned enough to prefer writing to typing.