Month end closing done, I was in the mood for sometime off. I believe in treating myself after completing anything successfully. As a student, I would treat myself to food or TV or time off to dream… am not kidding. This is how it would go… “If I complete this chapter I get 5-10 mins break to dream or read my fav novel”. It made life interesting. In the B school I treated myself to Friends or a movie or a book.

Anyway, I called Raj who is a friend since college days. We were in the same institute for MBA coaching. He is married now. I have written about him and his wife at this link in a previous post.

We met up and made plans for dinner. Nina was out of town and he had to go out for din din. We headed to Temptations which is a famous restaurant in Rajkot… so famous that there was a 45 mins wait today. Don’t ask me why… beats me. It is a bloody weekday. Thankfully, the manager is Raj’s boss’s landlord and we got a table in 10 mins. The manager came to the table to ask if the food was ok. Raj reassured him. Manager then asked him to bring me home sometime… and more blah blah blah. Raj explained to him that I am not his wife… she is out of town… I work in sales and have my dinner outside… So Raj decided to have dinner with me. The manager walked away. We could read his thought bubble; “Biwi is out of town and so he is out with a ‘friend’. Kya kalyug aa gaya hai”.
It reminded me of AB’s reaction when I told him I going out for dinner with Raj… “Kya baat hai… pre-marital affair.. wife is also out of town… naughty, naughty”