Sorry… this blog has been languishing due to neglect. My apologies. It is a boring, dull and hot Sunday morning. I had nothing to do. Last week sucked… too much travel, pangas with people in high places, panga with family, some panga with Bf, not enough time to speak to Bf… and also it being the month of March sales numbers are dropping like drool from a baby’s mouth.

Yesterday K was telling me how things work in a HR consultancy.

I have interacted with a lot of consultants in the last 1 year and have following complaints:

  • They never ever call and inform when a company has rejected you after the interview. That is the basic courtesy.
  • One week they maybe calling you everyday and begging you to attend an interview… next week they may not call at all
  • They will want you to forward your CV whether they have openings or not

I was telling K how frustrating the whole process is and how incompetent consultants are. K explained that nothing is in a consultant’s hand… they only do what the HR of a company asks them. Sometimes candidates are put on hold for months without any reason… sometimes they are rejected after getting offer letters… sometimes interviews are scheduled then re-scheduled and then there is no revert. The consultant is not to blame but the HR… and since the candidate has access to consultant they have to bear the brunt of their ire.

I got an entirely different perspective on this. A lot of times issues can be sorted out by understanding the other person’s work.

The interviews for a vacancy in my company will be taken tomorrow. Lets see who wins… the results have been decided already but I like to observe the way this game is played. Hopefully, areas will be re-shuffled and I can expect my movement.

The other day we had discussions in office… I am generally the observer. These discussions allow me to gauge the group dynamics in the room…. who likes whom, who dislikes whom, who is defending whom etc etc. It is fun.

I promise to blog more often and take it easy Monday onwards.