Anyone remember the post where I bragged about my footwear… 12 pairs of them? I lost 2 pairs… sigh!!!… sob… sob… booh booh I had fallen with 2 pairs of footwear of Lee Cooper in Shoppers’ Stop @ Inorbit Mall. It was love at first sight… despite the high prices… the fact that I didn’t need them… I bought them.

It was one of the happiest days of my life… things were fine for 6 months… everything went downhill from then… The black pretty bow ones gave out on me in Delhi… I returned back and threw them away.

The fate of the flat shoes was worse. They started stinking… and my feet never stink. Bf was so bugged of the smell… he made me apply talcum to my feet when we were to meet his friends. One day I returned from work and the smell was everywhere… it just wouldn’t leave me. I threw them away.

Its not coincidence that both pairs are from Lee Cooper… I vow never to buy another pair of this brand.