I had a terrible day… the other day I was telling Mami; “No matter how bad life is… I cannot let it affect my work.. my sub ordinates never ever know I am upset or sad or worried… I know when they are stressed… they make it obvious… thats professionalism and everyone reaches that stage sooner or later”

I remembered my words today… the show must go on.

K and I went shopping for the wedding saree. I was in no mood when I reached her house in A’bad but she was all for it. I wanted to buy a plain printed saree … Satya Paul kinds… but K wouldn’t hear of it… “No… it is your wedding… the best day of your life”.

Me: What if I get married again after a few years?

K: You wear the same saree again

I gave in… she made a list… saree, jewellery, bangles, footwear, purse.

Btw.. it is a court wedding which my parents are not attending… so the preparations are quite simple.

In 3 hrs… we had the saree, jewellery and bangles… footwear and purse were cancelled out… I finished my wedding shopping in 3 hrs…

It was kinda strange… I never dreamed about a wedding… but I didn’t dream of this kind of a wedding. I missed my Mom a lot and wondered what would have happened if I had taken the arranged marriage route.

Me: What if I had done what parents wanted? Things would have been simple…

K: Yeah… all you would have to do is turn up for wedding.. everything else would be taken care of

Me: Yeah… the guy would be well settled… nothing to worry about… life set hoti

K: Haan

Me: But… problems shaadi ke baad aati… if I was not attracted to him or didn’t have an understanding level.. then I would be trapped

K: And have an extra marital affair

Me: Very true

K: Atleast Bf and you have the understanding level to manage this

Me: Yes…

Anyway… after the shopping we tuned into ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’… the perfect chick flick… and now it is SplitsVille…

K has decided to take matters into her own hand… she is my groomer for the wedding.. since I obviously am not too interested.