Exhausted and dreaming of a bath I reached home at 8 pm… there was no sign of clothes I had thrown for wash.

Me: Nani… Mami… where are my clothes?

Nani: What clothes?

Me: I threw them for wash yesterday and today

Nani: The ones with color on them?

Me: Yes… and even the ones without color on them

Nani: I gave away the colored ones to cleaning lady

Me: Huh? Why would you do that?

Nani: Just like that

Me: And where are the other ones??? My jeans and top

Nani: I don’t know… where did you leave them?

Mami: Actually… I have not seen her clothes… they didn’t come for wash

Me: I left them for wash

Mami: They must have gone with the colored clothes

Me: Gone where?

Nani: I don’t know… we can away colored clothes to cleaning lady… she can earn some money by selling them off

Me: Where is my lingerie?

Nani: Colored or non colored?

Me: Both

Nani: Colored has been given away… don’t know about non colored

Mami: Maybe they were given away with the colored clothes… let me call the cleaning lady and ask…

Me: Those are my Levi’s jeans… and the top cost Rs 600… how can you just give them away?

The cleaning lady was contacted… she brought my jeans… the top is still missing and was given to another lady… I hope to get it tom.

Don’t be surprised… giving away stuff without asking is quite common is our house. My mom has inherited the same trait.. Laptop, Ipod, microwave, clothes, shoes etc… everything is given away to close relatives or the less fortunate…