I am in Veraval today and Mama took me to the temple and beach.

Me: I didn’t know there was a beach here… (I have been coming to this place for 26 yrs)

Mama: It has been developed now… nobody went there earlier. I come with my wife here sometimes

I wondered… what do people in small towns do for entertainment? I am from a small town but have spent most of my life in boarding. During vacations we spent one month at Veraval with hordes of cousins… the rest of the vacations was spent ensconed indoors. I didn’t care about going out then… 9 months away from home was “out” enough for me.

Mom of course cribbed about the lack of life… social life centered around parties among Docs (Dad’s a doc)… I remember this New Year’s Party on 31st Dec. Sis and I didn’t want to go… we wanted to watch Titanic on Star Movies but Mom and Dad said it will be a fun party… good food… nice music… we will meet lots of other people. We gave in. Everyone at the hotel was sitting on mattresses on the terrace… some guy was playing classical music (not kidding)… and food was not even served when we arrived (I was starving… as always). A champagne bottle was opened (yes.. yes… in a dry state)… but we couldn’t drink (damn)… we were bored out of minds… next day there was another party… this time we stood our ground and refused to go. Apparently, that party turned to be much much better… but we didn’t care two hoots since Titanic was screened again.

So… anyway…. there are negligible entertainment options in a small town (No.. no… sex is not a form of entertainment… when a couple has kids they lose complete interest in sex… atleast in traditional marriages)… no pubs, bars, multiplexes, new restaurants etc. There is nothing… you want to go out and have fun but kahan jayoge?

And god help you if you are marry a guy settled in a small town… you better become a sex maniac to pass your time.