I have been away… loads has happened… had fab 2 days… looking fwd to tomorrow. Bf is here… and we don’t want to part tomorrow… but kya kare. Thats life.

Things on the marriage front are getting organized. I was very tensed about that… where to organize… how to organize… budget etc.

Yeah… Bf and me are doing it all.

Venue is almost final… should be done next weekend.

List of invitees is done.

Court registration will be done next week.

Honeymoon (@Munnar) has been booked… by next weekend everything will be finalized.

Shopping and all will be left for April… no hurry on that front.

Remember I had blogged about the disgusting office party? We approached the manager today for the venue… he is so disgusted with the way my colleagues had behaved that he has shut down the place for parties.. I was extremely embarrassed and had to bear the brunt of his anger. I had left early and had no role to play in the incident. Anyway… I shall see to it that the news about this flies the length and breadth of the company…

Watching Splistville 2… kya bitchy show hai… fultoo timepass. How do these youngsters have so much time to participate? Kaam ya padhai nahi hai?