A lot of acquaintances have been marrying recently… they should.. after all, they are 25 or above now. What really strikes me is that people from my B school have been marrying each other… I mean… they must never have spoken or looked at each other in the 2 yrs of MBA but now they are getting married. Its so weird.

Hook up 1:

U is a hot Mallu female… all the guys were crazy about her… but H was especially devoted to her. H was my friend so I know the level of his devotion and loyalty. U didn’t give in… like any girl she kept him interested but did not commit. She didn’t think her family would agree to the alliance. (H is not Mallu) A perfectly acceptable reason. U is now getting married to a senior from the B School who is not Mallu… he had a gf then but they broke off after graduating.

Poor H…

Hook up 2:

V is a senior from my B School who liked M- my batch mate. She played around with him… she would call him to B’glore from Chennai. He would travel all the way… get her gifts… and she wouldn’t answer his phone… he would go back with the gift. Anyway… he is getting married to my junior A. Since he never met her when in B School… they obviously bonded over the fact that they have the same Alma Mater.

But seriously… don’t these people want to meet someone new??? someone with who you begin all over again with a clean slate? someone with who you can re-write the past? someone who does not know your friends?

But then again… I guess something in common is required to form as the foundation for relationship… thats how people meet… don’t they?