Its so strange… life keeps getting worse… is it me or life itself?

I am so tired of corporate life. Sometimes I want to leave everything and become a house wife… but Bf thinks I won’t be able to survive without doing anything all day. I am too restless and then he will have to find new ways to entertain me.

Other times my job gives me a high… a successful negotiation… sales targets… highest growth… and the salary+incentives at the end of the month.

Honestly, it is the money which won’t let me give it up and move to something of my interest. I want to write… or organize events… or work with a NGO… I don’t know… there are loads of things I want to do… but the money has me hooked.

And I so so so so wish Bf and I don’t have to stay apart after marriage… I will hate my job sooooooooooo much then.

Let me not crib anymore… it is bad for my health.

Ciao… if you have tips on how to enjoy life please let me know. I seem to have forgotten… plz don’t give suggestions like drink, dance, party, go for a trip… I do enough of that.