It has been a hectic week.

I was off to Delhi for a superb Valentine’s. My flight was at 9 pm which got delayed to 10.50 pm and further delayed to 11.45 pm. I reached the airport by 10 pm but the flight took off at 12.30 am. It was a long, tiring night.

Next day Bf and I left for Agra early morning to visit Taj. Taj Mahal is beautiful. Monuments don’t interest me too much… so there were no senti feelings like; “Oh my god… ShahJahan must love Mumtaz so much”… Bf is very interested in history. We clicked a lot of pics… actually, we spent 45 mins to figure out how to click pics against the sun… we succeded in the end.

The next day we had lunch with AB and DK. They wanted to meet him and probably warn him against me. The lunch was ok… it is weird when people from one part of your life meet people from the other part. I always get nervous at such moments. I guess… it is about not expecting too much. Its ok if your friends don’t like your bf or your bf does not like them. They don’t have to.

(I am not saying AB and DK didn’t like Bf).

I was off to Mumbai without too much delay in flight on 15th.

Appraisals are coming up and life has been busy. They are a big fiasco… the grades are decided before hand and rarely based on performance. But, who cares???

It is time to take tough decisions… and figure out what is more important- life or work? Life it is…

Good night people… catch you laterz.