Its Valentine’s this month… earlier I hated 14th Feb… what was the bloody point? It had nothing to do with me… Now I’m loving it.

Bf and me are trying to top each other in the Valentine’s gift segment. Atleast he is giving that impression but can’t be sure (he is too smart re).

For the last 2 months he has been eyeing the Sony Playstation. He may have been eyeing it for yrs… but mentioned it 2 months back (maybe after reading my tips on how to get your Bf to gift). Like any normal girl I am ignorant about video games and think they are a waste of time and money. Bf is a gaming fan… apparently, he spends his Sundays playing video games (I wouldn’t know… we play other games).

I came across Play station in Bangkok and was contemplating buying it. DK is a gaming freak (he even took a day off from work this week to play games) and wisely advised me not to make the biggest mistake of my life.

DK: When I had a gf we started fighting a lot after I bought the play station. I was always busy playing and didn’t respond properly on the phone…

I listened to him and removed all thoughts of Playstation from my mind.

But… since I am a pati-vrata, I mean Bf-vrata bhartiya nari whose only aim in life is to keep him happy… I sacrificed my desires (the desire to have him at my beck and call) and put his desires (the desire to play games all day and all night) before mine.

After DK’s feedback I zeroed on the Playstation 2 (PSP cannot be connected to TV… Playstation 3 is toooooooooooooooooo expensive and so are the games)… Should I tell Bf or not? I wanted to surprise him… but what ifΒ  he wants Playstation 3? No point in spending so much money and disappointing him.

He was more than happy with the gift but formality sakes said; “Arre… rehne do… don’t buy something this expensive… I will buy it when we are married and set up house”

Khush and I headed to Croma… we went, picked up Playstation 2 and asked executive to pack it. No questions asked. It was like we were shopping for our preferred brand in the super market.

Executive: Mam… this has only one joystick… you can buy another one for 999

Me: I am gifting this… if his friend wants to play with him… he can bring his own joystick

Executive: This does not also include a memory card… after playing the game cannot be saved

Me: No problem… Bf will find it more challenging

I picked the game DK suggested and Playstation 2 is here.

The story does not end there… there is a week for Valentine’s. Bf will be blackmailed into treating me nicely else I will return the Playstation 2 and I know how much he wants it. (evil laughter)

My nightmare begins now… I have visions of him and his friends (Ravi.. if you are reading this, no offense) playing video games on the weekend at home while I serve them snacks. And then irritated I take his credit card and blow up money… Hmm… actually Playstation 2 is a win-win situation.