It is 2 am and I am still working…. just one more hour to go and I can sleep.

The weekend is here… yippie!!! And Valentine’s day is coming near… yay!!! There was a time when I hated 14th Feb… it was pure torture… not anymore.

I met a friend Raj and his wife Naina. Both are very sweet individuals and perfect for each other. When Raj went out to pick up dinner Naina and I were talking about her neighbours… Rajkot… etc. She seemed a little frustrated… does not have any friends here works from home. Her only contact is her hubby. She cannot go home ‘coz he feels lonely… and her in-laws are in the same city as her parents so she has to stay with in-laws instead. Her in-laws are a little conservative and expect her to wear saree, sindur, bangles etc. She hates it all but Raj does not support her. He expects her to listen to his parents.

Marriage is a strange concept. Bf told me today; “ur getting married only coz der s no license to stay together widout marryin in india”. He is right… I don’t believe in marriage… I don’t need a piece of paper to prove my commitment. But thats not acceptable to society…

Anyway… break over… ciao.