Why do things have to end???

  • Friends went on for 10 seasons or 10 yrs… why could it not have gone on for another 20 yrs??? Sure… the earlier seasons are much better than the later ones… the actors are older and fatter in them… but still… why did it have to end?
  • Sex and the city… when the series ended I thought it ended happily… Miranda was with her hubby, Samantha with Smith, Charlotte with hubby and adopted daughter, Carrie with Mr Big… but that was not good enough… they make a movie with the ultimate “happily ever after”… why? Is marriage happily ever after? On the contrary, the real struggle begins after marriage… Carrie marries Big, Miranda is back with hubby, Samantha leaves Smith, Charlotte has a baby… is there scope for another sequel? I hope so… I want to know if there is a happily ever after marriage… atleast for my fav screen characters.

Chalo…. enjoy your weekend… I will shift my attention to my friend. Good night