Don’t laugh at the title… I am serious. AB met with an accident a week back… fractured his right hand and has been chained to his house since then. He has been bored and frustrated… to cheer him up I asked him to add me on facebook…

Me: I will send you a free gift through facebook

Him: Ok… I don’t have anyone to gift me “real” gifts

Me: Well…. don’t think you would like flowers gifted to you… girls generally give flowers

Him: I always appreciate money spent on me

I decided to surprise him by sending flowers through indiatimes. I took his address from DK but didn’t have the pincode… online search confused me more. I decided to ask AB but one conversation led to another and somehow the flowers were sent. 2 days passed without any “Thank you” call. Indiatimes customer care told me the flowers had been delivered.

“What kind of a guy is he?? He has not even thanked me.. we speak on the phone regularly”… On the 3rd day I thought enough was enough… either Indiatimes got it wrong or AB was an ungrateful creep… either way I had to figure out.

Me: Hi… did you receive any flowers?

AB: Yes… yesterday… but they came from an anonymous person… the delivery man said I would receive a call… I have been waiting for the call

Me: What the fuck?? How could they not write my name?

AB (sounding a little disappointed): YOU sent the flowers? I thought some female who has a crush on me sent them…

Me: I used to hope that when I was 15… you are 25… why would any girl send you flowers anonymously? And you don’t have to sound so disappointed… I am sorry for breaking your dreams

AB (sounding more disappointed): No… no… it is nothing like that

Me: Btw… you didn’t say thanks

AB: Right… right… thanks so much

Sigh… buri tarah poppat ho gaya… I vow not to send any surprise gifts to any guy again… men expect too much…