We had a party for a superb year opening on 1st and 2nd Jan. It was supposed to be on 2nd Feb (Sunday) but we got it shifted to Monday night… I guess we didn’t want to ruin our Sunday night.

The theme of the party was “Mawali/Tapori”. Why would anyone want to have a theme? Ek toh… I rarely get to wear party dresses… and then this theme meant I would have to dress in street type clothes. All the females (party was for all functions… so there were other females) dressed normally while the guys got enthu and wore the weirdest clothes. One guy wore red tracks, orange tee and a shirt tied at waist… ridiculous.

The party dragged on with booze and starters circulating freely. The DJ (party was on rooftop) played Hindi shady songs (like always). Thankfully, nobody forced me too much to dance… if someone pulled me to the dance floor I shook a leg and returned back. At 10 pm Boss made everyone have tequila shots (again women were not forced… I am glad). By 10.30 pm most men were extremely drunk… and they were totally getting into the theme reflected in their dance.

I made an exit with the other females at 10.30 pm and heaved a sigh of relief… don’t remember the last time I was able to leave this early.

Next day a disgusted ASM gave me the dope on rest of the party. Apparently, the guys got drunker and drunker and their actions more mawali like. All of them started dancing topless (those who refused got their shirts torn)… even the manager got a little scared that some violence will begin… Boss looked a little scared too… he had to handle these drunk, disgusting men. I was proudly shown the photos of the party which looked quite “gay”…

I was shocked… these are educated, married, rich men who come from good families… I have not seen or heard about such behavior even in my B school parties (The guys at my B school have been the worst till now).

So… this is the reality of the corporate world…