I like Tagore’s stories… the characters and emotions are quite real.

I have watched some bits of the movie ‘Choker Bali’… curious I picked up this book. The setting of the book is pre-independence era. Men were considered head of the family and wives worshipped them. Widows were ostracized from society.

The book is about Mahendra… the student who marries Asha an uneducated but beautiful and naive lady… Bihari is Mahendra’s friend who was to marry Asha but gave in when he realized Mahendra wanted to marry her. Binodini is a widow who was to marry Mahendra but he turns her down… she married another man who passes away. Binodini takes care of Mahendra’s mother who is so impressed with her that she brings her home… Binodini is jealous of Asha and her happy and loving life with Mahendra. She makes Mahendra fall in love with her… and then realizes how fake it is… she then turns her devotion to Bihari.

With Tagore, the story is not important but the emotions are… any woman in Binodini’s situation would be jealous… she would be attracted towards Mahendra… any man would fall for Binodini and side track his wife…

If you like classics.. read it.