Good morning… just reached the company guesthouse in Mumbai… it is on the 17th floor and the view is amazing.

The mental torture of the sales executive worked and he gave his resignation yesterday. I do feel like a bitch but he deserves it. Now comes the battle with my boss. Boss’s boss had recommended that I torture him into leaving… but here is the hitch. My boss (lets call him B) and his Boss (lets call him A) do not get along well. B is impractical, old and of purana khalayat… indicative of the previous management’s views. A is young, practical, dynamic and indicative of current management’s views. So there are many conflicts… but these guys are smart (thats why they are bosses). They do not argue with each other but with the other ASMs… which means A thinks I did the right thing (he suggested I do this) but B does not think so (he does not know A thinks so)… A will not support me in front of B. That is now my battle.¬† And to add to that… the previous ASM had recommended the sales executive’s promotion (despite the fact that he is stupid… sales executive not ASM) which makes my task all the more difficult. But I wasn’t born yesterday… I have been gathering evidence against him for months now. AB and DK had warned me that this could happen (they have a lot of experience in torturing their team).

Anyway… chodo yeh sab. I never take tension on Sundays.

Month end is done and I can relax for around 2 weeks before the pressure begins.

New resolution: To save money… spend as little as possible… and to break it into smaller and more practical objectives:

  • Write down my expenses everyday… this really helps. If I spend too much writing it will make me feel so guilty I will think twice before spending so much again
  • Spend as little as possible… no more shopping for clothes, shoes, CDs… have enough of those now… books are allowed ‘coz I diligently read every book I buy
  • Transfer money into another account… I am not allowed to spend from the other account

End of one month and beginning of another month evokes a happy happy feeling…

  • Closing is done and I can relax
  • Salary is here… bills are paid… no money tensions