In sales, growth is extremely important. Your area growth has to be above the branch/company growth. Things have been fine so far. I have a sales executive who gives me nightmares… he is bad at reporting, does not have brains, needs constant follow up, does not have control over his salesmen, is bringing down the growth of over-all area… he is also handling an important town.

The only way to fix above problem is to throw him out… but my company does not kick out people no matter how badly they perform (m not kidding… your future generations can inherit your job). I have been trying to find ways to get him to resign… mental torture is not working… threats are not working… abuses are not working…

The previous ASMs were soft and didn’t want to take action since he has little hope of finding another job and has a family to support.

My mom always says I am rude and heartless… she is right. If I become soft my growth will suffer… and I will never progress in my career.

What do you think? What would you have done?

(Don’t say things like… “I will train him… explain to him… blah blah blah”… he has been working with us for 6 yrs now… if he still can’t get it right… he is useless and a liability)