I have not gone crazy… Bf was here for the long weekend.


Him: I don’t mind settling in Rajkot for a few months

Me (horrified): What? No ways… I am getting married so that I can move out of here


Him (on stepping into Rajkot): Is this where you stay??? Indore is way better

He spent rest of the time pulling my leg:

  • “I really love Rajkot… it is hot and happening”
  • ” I love the chakhda (a weird mode of transport here… a bike is connected to a platform… people can sit on the platform)… lets buy one”
  • “Wow… no non veg and no booze… how healthy”

And it went on… and on… and on…

Him: I want to settle in Rajkot

Me: Good for you… you settle here… I will settle somewhere else… that ways we both will be settled… separately

All these times Bf had been dropping me off to the airport… the parting was not too difficult ‘coz I got busy with checking in, security checks, flight, cab home etc etc.

This was one of the few times I dropped him off at A’bad airport. I don’t like extended good-byes… they make me impatient… whether I have 1 min or 1 hour for good-bye… I will feel the same. The extra 1 hour will not reduce the pain. On the way back alone to Khushi’s house… the tears rolled… in front of Bf I was acting detached and cool and trying to console him. Back in Rajkot in my room.. there were signs of his presence… I sat and shed a few more tears.

I hate good-byes and I hate to part from people.

Good night… sleep tight.