Rajkot people specially distributors are extremely entertaining. I have met 8 DBs in 2 days… everyone has gyaan to give… their own fundas about business and different reasons for rejecting us.

I have heard Gujjus are the best (or worst depending on perspective) businessmen. They account every buck… even the tea served to you. I have grown up in Gujarat and know how stingy Gujjus can get (no offence intended… if taken, your problem).

A db calculated the ROI for our business today and showed me how he would earn 3% negative returns. He had accounted for godown rent, salesmen cost, supervisor cost, stationery, maintenance, electricity, computer software and much more. I had to stifle my laughter.

Last 3 days of extreme pressure… have to meet sales targets and find a DB.

Like my sales executive said today; “Itna dhudhne par to bhagwan bhi mil jata hai” (If you search so hard you will find God also.. but not a DB).