The biggest difference between men and women is their reaction to footwear. (I am not trying to crack PJs here).

Few years back 2 seniors had gone to Bangalore for wooing corporates for placements- Priya and Hemant. Priya was carrying a lot luggage for 2 days stay and Hemant questioned her about it. He got to know her bag contained 5 pairs of footwear. He was flabbergasted. Who wears 5 pairs in 2 days? He had only 2 pairs. Thats how women are.

I bought my 12th pair today. Few weeks back I was feeling guilty for owning 11 pairs of footwear. I mentioned it to Khushi who assured me I am normal since she has 20 pairs (I am not exaggerating). I wondered if I should feel jealous or normal. I settled on normal since my bank balance was low.

Here is a list of my footwear:

  • 1 sports shoes bought 4 yrs back
  • 1 Adidas shoes I bought for Mom during sale. They didn’t fit her so I have them- haven’t worn them though… have hopes of inaugurating them someday
  • 1 Sports shoes… I forgot to bring above shoes to Rajkot… so had to buy new ones for the gym
  • 1 White- party wear… need white to go with a white dress. They are so uncomfortable I can barely walk straight and I don’t have any white dress (I guess I should buy a white dress)…
  • 1 Black- party wear with heels… Pretty but uncomfortable. I have to stop every half hour to rest my feet.
  • 1 Black- party wear flats with bow… I fell in love at first sight
  • 1 Black- gifted by Sis… open toed… wanted to buy open toed sandals but they are so expensive.
  • 1 Black- gifted by Sis… heels. They are ok… but I am not complaining. They are free
  • Floaters- gifted by Bf… a requirement for all seasons
  • Lee Cooper shoes… fell in love at first sight
  • Red and White shoes.. bought from USA. For some reason they don’t fit too well now… but they look pretty
  • Blue beach wear chappals… I have little opportunity to go to the beach but I do have appropriate footwear incase I decide to

Thats it then… In Bangkok I stayed miles away from shoe shops. I think I have enough for every occassion.