It is a lazy day in office… there is little work (for once). Usually I am so busy time flies.

I am done with my shopping for Bangkok (I shop in India for Bangkok and in Bangkok for India).

The other day I was chatting with AB… we ended up talking for 2 hrs which is a surprise considering that 1 year back he never spoke about himself… and now he doesn’t stop.


Me: Sometimes I think about my past… life gone by… people gone by… previous relationships and I wish I would stop. I don’t like looking back… it doesn’t seem fair to my present

AB: You cannot stop thinking about the past… thats not possible. It is a part of your life… why feel guilty about it? You are just thinking about your life… and if some people happen to be a part of it you will obviously think about them. There is nothing wrong with that.

I hate it when random people (people I have barely spoken to… and haven’t seen since high school) scrap me stuff like “You are committed??? When? To whom? What is his name? What does he do”

I want to reply back “Why do you care? You don’t even know me… mind your own business”.

I wish I knew how the other ASMs are looking busy in office… don’t think anyone else is blogging… 2 have gone shopping. I want to shop also but don’t have company or the money.

Recent events which have bugged/freaked me out:

  • A couple from my college who just had a baby… they were married for exactly 1 year… so scary…
  • Newly wed husbands addressing wife as “my wife” (Doesn’t she have a name or an identity apart from being your “wife”?)

Chalo… let me find something to do…