Hiya!!! I am off to Bangkok on 14th night for a “business conference”. In reality, there is a conference for 2-3 hrs during the 5 days period. The trip is to Phuket and Bangkok. Last year we had gone to Australia (Gold Coast, Sydney). I don’t know any other company which takes it employees for foreign trips.

Pros: Get to meet my friends (DK, AB)… opportunity for PR… free trip

Cons: Trip with colleagues (Ugh!!!)… colleagues are mostly despo males… have to dress decently (The over dressed females on the beach will be my colleagues)…

The males are excited ‘coz Bangkok is “Cheap sex” capital of the world… what more can despo sales guys ask for?

I am only happy about meeting my friends… we will have a good time Bangkok or Corbett… location does not matter.

At such trips groups flock together… West branch people will hang out together with little interaction with the others… same for the rest. Only people who joined as Management Trainees tend to know everyone… which pisses off others.

To cite an example, during the Corbett trip I was with AB (South branch) and DK (North branch). On my return to the branch I had to listen to comments like; “You ignored us completely”… “Do you want to shift to South/West?”… “You don’t even pass on information about other branches”. I didn’t reply. I don’t care. I will hang out with people I have fun with… and not with married, middle aged, despo men.