I am at Honey and Khushi’s house on sick leave… 🙂

I traveled 8 hrs yesterday.. 4.5 hrs to and fro Amreli… 3.5 hrs to A’bad.


Honey and I became friends in school… I don’t remember when and how. Khushi is her younger irritating sis. We became friends during CAT.

Honey is elder, responsible, sensitive, caring (like all elder sisters)… Khushi is younger, chirpy, a little self centered (like all younger sisters).

I loved watching them fight and make up…

When Honey left for London for further studies I was happy and envious… happy ‘coz it would be a welcome change from a monotonous life… envious ‘coz she was going back to student life- single and carefree. I was afraid she would change and I would lose her. I am losing a lot of friends these days- to marriage, kids, work etc.

She is back for a few days since her Mom is ill… and she is the same… and she hates London (weather is bad, there is racism, there isn’t much to do)… and she wants to return ASAP.

Finally, it seems complete… Honey, playing the role of the Elder… Khushi, her irresponsible self again… and me, the onlooker.