I was quite frustrated yesterday and today… I had a huge (very very very huge) sales target for 1 and 2nd Jan… growth of 49%… avg growth in my area has been 20%… Even while planning I could only reach 30-35%. Where the fuck was I to get 49% without special schemes or marketing support.

On1st we (Area Team) reached 32%… 49% was a dream I didn’t dare to dream.

Boss: What is your dream growth?

Me: 40%

Boss: That is less than your target?

Me: My dream is more realistic than your dream… 🙂

Somehow… we have achieved 48% growth… and I am ecstatic.

In hindsight, I don’t think we would have reached 48% if the target was not 49%… I would have stopped at 30-35%.

Lesson learned today: The higher you aim.. the higher you reach.

In Sex and the City today (it was the last episode.. :()… Carrie gets accidentally slapped by her bf… she had shifted to Paris leaving her home, friends, job to be with him… they break up.. and she comes across Mr Big (The One). He makes her laugh at her plight… “People come to Paris to fall in love… you got slapped”.

Thats what guys do… they make you laugh at the biggest problems. Thats why it is great to have guy friends…