(Not my hand… ring is somewhat similar)

Technically I got engaged on 7th Dec. Bf and I met up on this day and decided to formalize the relation without family or friends. He had talked about a formal ceremony earlier but the thought that my parents will not attend made me reject it.

Anyway, we headed to jewellery stores in Indore… Tanishq, Gitanjali etc. I wanted a diamond ring in white gold (I hate the color gold). There were few rings in white gold and I looked at the huge range in yellow gold. So confusing… What does an engagement ring look like? I have married friends but never took interest in jewellery. “Damn”; I thought… “Why have I not looked at engagement rings closely before?”… a simple, delicate ring with less diamonds… something I can wear daily… even while travelling… I was torn between rings which screamed “I am engaged”… and “I am just a ring… no big deal”. I chose the latter… Bf warned me that maybe we should do this in Mumbai or A’bad where there will be a better range. But I was adamant… now or never.

Happy and excited… he put the ring on my finger. Next weekend I showed it to Khushi who looked at it and said; “Nice!!!”

“Thats it?”; I thought… “What about ‘how beautiful’.. ‘lucky you’… ‘Wow'”. The ring was too simple… “Now what??”

Hesitatingly, I narrated the incident to Bf…

Him: Ok… and?

Me: I don’t like the ring anymore

Him: Huh?

Me: Do you mind if I get it exchanged?

Him: Huh?

Me: Plz? You don’t me to look at the ring and hate it.. right? I have to wear it everyday.. might as well love it

Him: Huh? But… you chose it.. you wanted something sober and simple

Me: Yeah… but I think it is too simple

Him: Ok… you could have picked the bigger ones

Me: Yes… but I picked this.. and now I want to get it exchanged

Him: Well… fine… but I hope you don’t turn around tom and exchange me

Me: Won’t happen… I took my time before commiting to you…

After weeks of trying to exchange the ring in Gurgaon and now in A’bad… I have picked THE RING. It is a balance between simple, sober and ENGAGEMENT (in bold).

Me: I love this one… this is the one

(To sales lady): How much is this for?

Her: 1 lakh

Bf: I don’t think this is the one… it is quite ugly… pick another one

Me: Sigh… fine… I think this is it… I found my ring

Him: You sure?

Me: Yes

Him: I want it in written that this is the one and you will not get exchanged

Me: Fine…

It is not easy being a Gemini female… life is confusing… choices at every step are scary… and there is no guarantee when I may change my mind.

Happy New Year!!! I had a good New Year… with laughter, friends, Bf, a phone call from home, new digicam, THE RING, tears, sales targets, good food, Sunderban (more about it in tom’s post), parting…

Couldn’t have been more exciting!!!