The other day a friend was telling me how he does not enjoy reading this blog so much… he preferred my earlier blog.

Him: Why is this blog so different from the earlier one?

I was speechless. I know deep down it is different… but not the why!!!

I was reading a blog today and came across this:

“You know, I was thinking, and one of the reasons I don’t blog as much is because I have a great boyfriend. This isn’t to make him feel all cool, cause I know he’s probably smiling and whatnot while he’s reading this, but it’s true. When things go great, there’s nothing to talk about. When things go bad, you could just go on and on and on about the shitty things people do. I’m not saying I don’t like that he’s great, but he definitely isn’t good material to write about, unless you want to hear about how good he does laundry, my clothes still smell to the deliciousness of Gain. So here’s to good boyfriends who don’t mess things up and don’t give me any juicy things to write about!”

Maybe… I talk about most of things with Bf and there is little to blog about.

No… I am not trying to get out of “I will write a post everyday”.

While traveling from Rajkot to A’bad… I watched the beautiful colors of the sky.. and felt happy.

New year brings along a hope… a hope that things will be alright… it will get better… that the worst is over…

There is hope for a new beginning…

Welcome 2009!!!