As always (the regulars should know)… here is a review of 2008…


  • New year started on an irritating note in Mumbai… it was cold… I was dressed in a mini skirt (and shivering)… roads were crowded… restaurant was crowded… Bf and I couldn’t think of another place to hang out
  • Went to Australia… had fun
  • Shifted to Gurgaon
  • Joined a new role in Modern Trade
  • Met my best friends after a long time


  • Bf got placed
  • Had a good Valentine’s
  • Met the entire family
  • Hated Gurgaon
  • Started looking for a flat or flat mate


  • Mom came to Gurgaon to “make” me meet a prospective groom… it didn’t work out (obviously)
  • Met guys for matrimonial purposes… hated the experience
  • “Made” Bf propose marriage (I am such a girl)
  • Found a good flat… flat mate was my male colleague… set up a home all by myself with some help from Katty (a friend). Staying with a guy meant I didn’t have to deal with “No guys can stay over”… “No booze allowed”. It also meant that I had to dress decently even at home
  • Corporate life sucked… hated the snobbish people who tried to boss around


  • Met Ann in Chennai
  • Made the following list in April
  • By Jan’09 I will be located in West India as close to home as   possible… come what may.… check
    By June’09 I will be married… at the very least engaged... check
    By July’09 I will leave sales and move on to something more stable… but not to a desk job for sure… not checked
  • Hated corporate life
  • Hated eating alone and staying alone without friends


  • Bf stayed with me for 2 weeks since I was lonely and near tears all the time
  • Took a trip to Dehradun and Musoorie with Bf… it was good
  • Hated my job all the more
  • Watched a lot of movies to kill time on weekends
  • Started cooking
  • Had a horrible hair cut… which scarred me for life


  • Drove the car after a long long time
  • Bf visited me again… yippie
  • Found a friend in Nilu
  • My B’day
  • Went to USA for a 15 days trip to meet sis, jiju, mom and bro… and to formalize my relationship with Bf… it worked out horribly… hated everyday of the trip… blew up money on long phone bills to Bf
  • Change of bosses… things went from bad to dumb (bad boss to dumb boss)


  • One my colleague who joined the company with me as Management Trainee quit… we were sad to see him go and envious
  • Returned from USA… hating every moment of the trip
  • Closed down the old blog ‘coz life got too much to handle


  • Shifted to this blog… didn’t want people (family and acquaintances) to intrude into my life
  • Joined Jazz classes
  • Meeting of family, Bf and his family didn’t go well… things went from bad to worse to untolerable
  • Almost got married
  • Spent a lot of days and nights crying and contemplating suicide… hated my job, location, family…
  • Went to Karjat for a trip with Bf… we needed to talk about a lot of things


  • Lot of interview calls… some interviews… nothing worked out
  • Met up with Junies from B-School… felt older and wiser
  • Things got so bad that I broke down in office… good move ‘coz they shifted me to West in my preferred profile (I had been begging them to do so since Feb)
  • Bf came again… he loved my house
  • Took days off to pack and shift


  • Shifted to West branch as Area Sales Manager for Saurashtra and Kutch areas of Gujarat
  • Met Bf in Indore… he hated it there
  • Met Mom after 2 months… not a great meeting
  • Met Khushi… went to A’bad… met Monu
  • Went to Goa for Diwali with Bf… perfect trip


  • Mumbai terrorist attack shook me
  • Bro ran off to Mumbai from Hyderabad… spent 1 day trying to track him… things got worse with Mom
  • Found Bro
  • Loads of travelling… sales…
  • Met to-be in-laws
  • Met Dad after 3 months
  • Got a hair cut (after 5 months)… straightened my hair


  • Too many trips… Lonavala… Corbett
  • Met Bf in Gurgaon
  • Will meet Bf on 31st
  • Met Bf in Indore
  • Met DK, AB and Nilu

All in all it has been an interesting year… while one relationship has done well (with Bf)… another one has deteriorated (with family). Job is fine… nothing great… getting out of Gurgaon has been the best part.

Hope 2009 will be a better year…