It is a lazy lazy day in Rajkot… I have no intention and reason to step out… there are no entertainment options here.

I have stopped celebrating festivals… ‘coz I am not in college. Then you had to celebrate every festival… there would be sweets, puja, special dinner. Now its like… “Oh!!! Today is Christmas. Is there a special sale somewhere?”

But like every year I will make New Year’s Resolutions but I will not review last year’s resolutions to see if I kept them.

1) Eat healthy… a sales job really screws up your health… staying hotels, eating out, odd eating times…

2) Stand up to my family… In 2008 I did not do enough of that in the beginning… if the moment comes again, I will make my stand clear… without losing my temper (quite a toughie)… and not get emotionally blackmailed

3) Be more patient… control the temper

4) Contribute to a charity… it is high time I gave back to society in some way

5) Save money… need to start doing this seriously

6) Exercise or jog or take a walk… this may not be possible everyday but I will “try”

I will have a fulfilling life in 2009 if I can do the above.

2008 was happy and sad… personally as well as professionally. All the happiness was marred by sadness. Anyway.. life goes on.