Sorry… I was supposed to post everyday but my net connection was acting up.

On Sunday I watched Ghajini… alone. The friend I was supposed to meet was busy and I didn’t feel like calling anyone else… going out with colleagues is out of the question… they are all middle aged, married men. Yuck!!!

Aamir has dissappointed me. What was he thinking?

  • Ghajini is another love-revenge thriller movie with a twist… the short term memory syndrome
  • Asin is not a very good actress… some of her gestures and scenes look fake.
  • Jiah has a very irritating voice…
  • The action and violence is toooooo Bollywood… not enjoyable at all

In Jan I had gone to Movie world in Australia. There was one ride called ‘Superman returns’ which was the scariest of all. It was fast with too many twists and turns. The trick was that the ride lasted a few seconds… the twists and turns came so soon that you had little time to react. A thriller movie should be like this… the movie should be short so the thrills can make an impact.

Ghajini is too long at 3.5 hrs… it is named after the villain!!!! Totally undigestible.

Only the 8 packs (or is it 6) look believable…

I don’t think the flick would have received the response it did without all the publicity.