I concluded the above yesterday.

This is a true story about X and Y.

X had spent 8 months in Gurgaon… covering all the seasons- winter, summer and monsoon.

Y is from Mumbai and has just moved to Gurgaon. He has never experienced winter.

Y arrived in Gurgaon with one sweatshirt convinced that he would survive the winter comfortably.

X survived winters in Gurgaon with 3 layers of clothing, 2 blankets and a heater.

Very much against Y’s wishes she pulled him to the mall and “made” him spend money on basic necessities like winter clothes. When she left Gurgaon he promised to buy a cap to keep his ears warm.

Last night X called Y and he was shivering. Why? He was wearing shorts… the sweatshirt… no cap (he didn’t buy one)… and sleeping far from the heater.

After 15 mins of nagging he changed into pyajamas, wore his wollen jacket and shifted closer to the heater.

The conclusion I have reached is: “Men make women nag”

I promise to be the biggest nag after marriage… 🙂