What else? Sat night in Rajkot… it is awfully boring.

Question: Why do companies send people to remote locations away from family and friends?

Ans: So that they may get bored with nothing to do and work in their free time

I am not kidding… I have seen people work on Sundays in a remote location ‘coz there is nothing else to do.

Anyway… the only thing I am looking fwd to on Sunday is using my brand new epilator (I “made” Bf gift it to me).

Tips on how to make your Bf gift stuff regularly

  • Take him to Malls regularly.. pin point things you like (affordable for him), sigh and say; “I want this… but maybe later”
  • Buy him expensive gifts in the beginning… this will make him guilty and he will return the favor. After 2-3 gifts, stop the trend… guys are slow in catching up… it will take him few months to realize the gifts have stopped
  • Be extremely nice and sweet to him… bring up the topic of shopping… sandwiched between the niceness and flattery
  • Pretend to be depressed and hint at “retail therapy”
  • Forget your wallet
  • If all above fail, try seduction

If the above hints don’t work… you will never ever get gifts… dump him

(The above hints are in no way related to Bf… but they work)

Few weeks back Khushi handed me a CD with my old pics on them. Honey had handed it to her before she left for UK. I had totally forgotten about it. They had some personal photos which I could carry home and I had given it to Honey for safe-keeping.

2 weeks back the CD was found broken in my suitcase. I wondered if I should feel sad or indifferent. 2 years back I would have been devastated… there were pics of old Bf there…

Looking at his pics, my reaction

4.5 yrs back… “You are soooo cute”

3 yrs back… “I miss you”

3.5 yrs back… “I want to chop your balls… bastard!!!”

1.5 yrs back… “Oh well… look who is here”

Now… “I am so skinny in the pics”