Things were different in college days. I didn’t have to think so much to blog… I mean, what do I write about? Work??? Naah… Bf??? Enough already… Movies???… Done that… Thoughts??? Who has time for those?

I have decided to write a post everyday… even it is just 2 lines… even if I am going to drop dead.

15 days back I was given the assignment of re-defining territories in my area. The words spoken were; “Do it… how you do it is upto you. I want the final plan”.

I could not pass the order down in a similar manner. One aspect was the practical side where I could create territories based on geography. If real life was that simple I would need a MBA. Complication was that my reportees did not want to shift locations. Everyone wanted to stay in their homes, travel less, not spend too many nights outside home. I was so irritated I told my sales executive; “Don’t you dare talk to me about home territory and travelling. You cannot have it all- promotion, home territory, higher salary. I want people who are willing to re-locate”. But common sense prevailed. The last thing I needed was attrition. It is difficult to find good people.

Sigh… finally, the plan is complete and approved. Boss expressed his concerns like; “I hope the executives will be comfortable… they won’t have to shift… the right people are getting promoted… they don’t have to travel too much”. I wish ASMs were treated the same way.

Anyway… thats all I did this week and it has left me exhausted.

Another achievement was giving an executive a surprise visit and not finding him in the market (where he should be).

In Bhavnagar today I came across a building with my name on it. I felt happy.

You cannot rush people in Gujarat… the situation is not as bad as in Kolkata but life is kinda slow.

In A’bad last week:

In the auto from Iscon to Bopal…

Me (to autowala): Can you drive faster? I am getting late

Him: Arre… the road ahead is bad… I will have to slow down then

Me: I know that… but the road is fine now… why don’t you drive faster now and slow down later?

Him: Whats the point? I might as well drive at the same speed now and later

I give up.