138903Amazing… Superb. This flick is about relationships… specifically marriage. There are no rules for a successful marriage. The movie begins with Soha criticising Irrfan (her hubby) for wearing sunglasses at night. They meet up with their close friends- Konkana and Rahul Bose for dinner and declare their intention to divorce. Irrfan had been cheating on Soha and soon starts living with Payal Rohtagi who is extremely dumb (surprise surprise!!!).

Meanwhile, Konkana and Rahul start questioning their marriage. Rahul falls for his student Raga (super duper hot female). Raga has a “thing” for older men. In her words.. she is “an unfulfilled older men’s fantasy”. Rahul smooches her but does not go farther than that… I think his conscience does not allow it.

Konkana introduces Soha to Rahul Khanna… Konkana has a thing for him.. Soha and Rahul start dating but Soha is happy being single and not ready to commit. Finally, Konkana and Rahul Khanna get together. Rahul Bose and Konkana divorce.

Irrfan realizes it is better to be with an uptight Soha than with a dumb Payal. Soha and Irrfan get back together. They avoid fights after that.

Marriage is a weird concept… and very complicated.

Don’t miss this one. Konkana’s character is awesome.