Sorry people… have been gone too long but it has been a mad, mad fortnight.

First, I was off to Mumbai for the fortnightly reporting work in office. The Gujarat Team (3 ASMs) stayed over at Boss’s house working on a ppt on market share in Gujarat and its screwed up state. We were off for Lonavala at 6.30 am… all the while working on another ppt in car. I hate making ppts. I made the mistake of addressing Boss’s wife as “Aunty” early morning… Wife is in her late thirties (I think)… How are you supposed to address Boss’s wife? She was mighty pissed and complained to him. Sigh… my career is so over.

We stayed at Amby Valley. For the dumb, deaf and blind… Amby Valley is a super expensive resort in Lonavala spread over 10,000 hectares. It has 7 artificial lakes. The tariffs are Rs 16,000 per night per cottage including food. (Bf and I have to go there… even if we have to sell off our future babies for the money)

1st day was spent in meeting till 9 pm… we were off to the discotheque for drinks and dance. I was extremely tired but dinner was not served. I hate these corporate parties… drinks go on and on and on… dinner is served late and you cannot leave before 1 am. Somehow I managed to sneak out at 12 am.

After meeting next day at 2 pm we were off for some water sports- sking, motor boat, rafting… it was amazing fun. The day ended with dinner at Boss’s house which I hated… food was served late… conversation was lame… I could not leave early.

On Monday we headed to Gurgaon… we had to take the bus to Corbett next morning at 5.30 am. DK and AB (both colleagues- my batch… we joined company together… DK is male version of a dumb blonde and is handling Himachal… AB is from my B-school handling a part of Andhra). Out of the 10 people who joined as Management Trainees… I am closest to DK, AB and Nilu.

DK and AB turned up at 11.30 pm with drinks. The drinking session started at 12 am. The plan (made by AB) was to drink all night and sleep on the bus to Corbett. I was very, very tired and desperately needed my sleep… but I was more desperate to bitch about the company and listen to gossip.

I declined drinks (avoid drinking before travelling)… while they finished 1 bottle of wine… went out at 1.30 am looking for Sprite to accompany Barcadi vodka… at 4 am the glasses ran dry. Both were high and decided to catch up on half hour’s sleep. I tried to keep them awake but was no match against 2 bewdas. They fell into a deep slumber. At 5 am only threats of pouring water over them got them out of bed. AB was completely pissed… giggling like a 15 year old.. making me smell his socks (disgusting!!!). DK and I tried to shut him.

Corbett was a bad trip… the resort was nothing great… the consultants had designed some awful games… after every game they asked us questions like “What did you experience?” “What were your learnings?” We spent all our time bitching about our Bosses (they were not part of this trip).

Bf has shifted to Gurgaon so I spent 2 heavenly days with him.

Btw… Bf and I got engaged… we woke up one morning and decided to exchange rings.. and did.

Good night.