I don’t remember the last time I was up till so late… I have been working and watching movies (Dostana… Dasvidaniya… what a tongue twister).

I had my 2nd proper sales closing today and it great. I prefer sales to marketing… atleast you have results at the end of every month.

Next week is busy… travelling to Mumbai, Lonavala, Gurgaon, Corbett… too many trips and all of them with colleagues 😦

Sigh… I shall go to bed… have to watch another movie tomorrow… if I can drag Khushi along with me.

I love A’bad… every nook and corner has a memory. Sometimes I am exhilarated to be in such a familiar place… and at other times I feel sad ‘coz I spent carefree days here.

The line ‘No time to stand and stare’ is very relevant now. When was the last time you took a day off work and did nothing on a weekday?

A lot of times I side track my life, friends and family for work… not ‘coz I am ambitious but ‘coz I enjoy what I am doing… sometimes that is more fun than dealing with above. There have been times when I have put my life before work and made it clear that I won’t give in.

A lot of friends are married which has changed them… in-laws, babies, husbands etc take priority. Their life is about others… never about themselves… I wonder if they ever miss living for themselves.

I have complained a lot about the above… but I just cannot come to terms with it.

Will I change after marriage??? I hope not… I know everyone says that… but as of yet none of my friendships have suffered due to Bf.

Friendships are important and I am glad for my friends… who mean more than family right now… I guess, they always have.

A special thanks to Ann, Khushi, Honey for being there… not just emotionally but also physically.

With happy thoughts… I wish you all good night.