I am shaken by the terrorist attacks. Such incidents in Islamabad, Afghanistan, Iraq etc seem so far away. With this attack in Mumbai India has come on the map for terrorist activity.

Hope it ends soon and the govt comes out with a strong plan for preventing terrorism… even if common man is at convenience. The limit has been crossed… I don’t care if Emergency has to be declared and every man in India has to show his documents to prove he is not a terrorist. India needs Indira Gandhi’s iron fist.

Everywhere I turn people are getting married. I look at the festivities, drama, color, music and my heart twists into a knot. This is one thing I will never experience. Thankfully, I have never dreamed of marriage… just about spending my life with someone I care deeply about (and vice-versa).

I hate attending weddings… as a kid (and teenager) I had to attend weddings of people I didn’t know ‘coz they were parents’ friends. When I protested Mom would say; “If you don’t attend weddings.. nobody will attend yours”. Me; ” No problem Mom… I will get married anyway”.

I could easily have attended marriages of friends- Appu, Sil, JD but deep down… I didn’t want to. It is too much effort.

And since I wont be inviting anyone for my wedding… its ok…

Keeping my fingers crossed for tension in Mumbai.