When I was in Undergrad, every conversation with any (straight) guy was replayed back to my gfs… it was analysed till a conclusion was reached. If the guy was a bf… every word and action was scrutinised… sometimes for hours… daily… every fear, thought, feeling was verbalized.

Gfs offered wise advice but it was never followed… there would not be heartbreaks otherwise.

The Bf was introduced to all Gfs… their opinion sought… and it was given freely… if he was not liked it was told… frank opinions were shared… even the intimate details… ok… all the intimate details…

The men will get embarrassed if they know what kind of details were shared.

For the last 2 years I have not had such conversations… I don’t know why.

Is it ‘coz I meet the gfs lesser and only want to mention the important things in life?

Have I learned to deal with guys in such a manner that I don’t need to talk about them?

Have I realized that no wise advice given by gfs will be followed and there is no point seeking it?

Have I become too busy with a career and guys have been pushed to the background?

Have gfs and I grown up and out of men?

Whatever the reason… things have changed… and I do miss the days when every man was under a microscope.