Monu, her hubby, hubby’s bro, Monty (the kid) and I headed for this movie last Sunday. I was not keen on this one since it is Karan Johar. Kal Ho Na Ho had started well but ended horribly.

Dostana is fun… first half will have you in splits… usual cliches about gays… but the jokes don’t seem vulgar… Abhishek as John’s bitch is hilarious. Priyanka is looking super duper hot (love the hair cut)…

2nd half drags a bit but it is bearable… Bobby looks quite dumb.. thankfully, he has few dialogues.

Monty was quite an embarrassment with his screaming and crying in the theatre. I hate it when parents bring kids for movies… leave them with in-laws or with baby sitters. Thats what I will do.