There are some excellent ads on TV right now:


The excellent product has been supported by excellent advertising. The earlier focused on preventing pregnancy in case of impulsive sex. No words are spoken between the couple in the ad… and yet everything is understood. The recent ad focuses on preventing abortion.

2) Airtel

I hated the earlier sob ads where the guy meets his grandparents and talks to them on phone on train. But the recent ads with celebs are amazing… Raima Sen and Abhay Deol, Shreya Talpade, Shahrukh, Kareena and Saif.


3) Nokia

The Priyanka ad is very catchy… very in… specially ‘coz Priyanka looks hot and young with short hair. I never switch channels while watching this one.

4) Levi’s Unbuttoned:

Never imagined Akshay could look so sexy. A very bold ad!!!