Immigrant by Manju Kapur is another chick-lit novel. Nina is a 30 year old woman who lost her father. Her mother is behind her life for marriage. She marries Ananda, a dentist in Canada. The book is about ups and downs in her life… shifting to Canada… coming to terms with an unfulfilled marriage… extra marital affairs… studying again… leaving her husband.

A time pass read.

This is an award winning book and recommended by Crossword. It is an amazing read… the story is about people near Siliguri… their lives… their struggle… the uprising of Nepalites blend into a story of love.

But… the end is extremely disappointing. There is no end. It seems like the novel has been left midway. I felt like someone had drawn me to the middle of the ocean and left me there. It was extremely difficult finding my way back to the shore. The end ruined it all.