I have unimaginable 2 days… On Thurs night I got to know my Bro has been missing from coll for 2 days now. He was studying in a hot shot engg coll in Hyderabad. He has been a good student all his life… even qualifying for IIT. We were proud of him when he joined computer engg… his preferred branch. But engg was quite different from his expectations and he couldn’t cope up. He failed his 1st year… while repeating the year he has been frustrated and depressed.

In this state of mind he packed his luggage and left for Mumbai without informing anyone. His phone was switched off. We contacted the cab driver who dropped him off. I took a cab from Rajkot at midnight… arrived at A’bad airport at 4 am… caught the 7.50 am flight to Hyderabad and reached his coll at 11 am. After a meeting with the Dean and Director, I went about meeting his friends to find some clue as to his whereabouts. Everyone was clueless. We took his photograph and headed to the cops. It was my 1st time in a police station. After filing the FIR I headed to the travel agency from where he had taken the bus to Mumbai. Airtel helped us track the area where he last received network… that confirmed he was in Mumbai. The driver of the bus remembered where he had gotten off.

In the meanwhile parents were in Mumbai waiting for his call and had hired a private investigator not trusting the cops.

At night Bro called my cousin sister (in Mumbai) and turned up at her house with luggage.

I headed to Mumbai heaving a sigh of relief.

This is what happened… Bro wanted to switch from engg to a softer stream like Arts. Dad being a Doc does not think beyond Medical and engg. The option offered to Bro was BSc in his native place (which is a small town). He decided to move to Mumbai, find a job there and enroll in a coll. In Mumbai, he got a reality check… the rents for lodges and flats are sky high… getting a job would take time. Left with little money and lesser options he decided to return.

I wondered whether to slap him or sympathise with him.

Good night!!!