Happy belated Diwali!!! Sorry for the silence and the late wishes. I have had an interesting week.

I decided to skip Diwali and headed to Goa for 4 days. We were at Dona Sylvia resort at Cavelossim beach. The resort is quite good. There was so much to keep us busy that we did not need to venture outside. Private beaches are the best… clean, not crowded, give privacy. The resort was filled with firangis and so the buffet was mostly continental (the only sore point… but a major one). I stuffed myself with large variety of bread and butter… while Bf mostly survived on dosa (at b’fast). We went paragliding and it was fun… the swimming pool was my fav hang out where we played water football with kids and some middle aged men. Bf’s team won ‘coz of his super goals… my team had 4 kids as goalies who did nothing but chatter among themselves. The firangis were mostly sun bathing (in the sun of course) near the pool. I don’t get it… when they tan they turn red which looks ugly… why the obsession with tanning?

On the 2nd day we went sight-seeing in Goa… this is the 3rd time I have been to Goa and the 3rd time I have gone sight seeing to the same church and temple. Anyone heading to Goa… avoid the sight seeing planned by resort. On the 3rd day we rented a bike and headed to Colva beach which was a disappointment and ended up having iced tea at CCD… (Suggestion: Hire bikes and explore Goa on your own… thats more fun).

Refreshed and rejuvenated… and sad and tempted to bunk work and elongate the vacation… we headed to Mumbai.

I like Mumbai… very much. It is one of the few places where I can be out till midnight alone… Had dinner at ‘Out of the Blue’ restaurant at Carter road (Bandra)… the food is expensive… portions are small… but it is amazing. I don’t remember the last time I had such good food. Met up a few batch mates also. These days my meetings with old acquaintances are not so fun… I don’t know why.¬† There is very little to say.

Met my to-be-in-laws today. The meeting was good… but afterwards I started freaking out. In my mind, I was supposed to marry Bf… it was only about him and me. I just realized that is not true… there are other people involved. I will be moving from one family into another one… and the thought freaks me out. I can barely survive with one family… how will I do it with another one? I am a reserved person and take time to open up… how will I blend into another family? Sigh…

‘If you don’t like the answer… do not ask the question’.

Today Bf asked me; “What if you could change 3 things about me… what would those be?”.

Like a perfect gf I replied; “I love you just the way you are… I don’t want to change a thing”.

Him: C’mon… I am not perfect… there must be some complaints

Me: I am not looking for perfect… perfection is boring… seriously. You are fine the way you are.

Courtesy demanded that I ask him the same question. Crossing my fingers and praying he would give the same reply

Me: What about me?

Him: Well… you are very stubborn… you can change that

Sigh… I am sorry I asked.

PS: First month in sales… and the territory is growing well. Hope I keep up the performance