I have been waiting to watch this movie since it was being made. Madhur is known for hard hitting reality based movies… Chandani bar, Page 3, Corporate, Traffic Signal, Fashion… My fav is Page 3. Except Fashion, the other movies have one thing in common… they all have well defined strong characters. The movie does not revolve around one person.

Fashion is not like that… it revolves around Priyanka. It is her story. ‘Coz she is in the fashion industry by default, the movie becomes about fashion. The entire focus is on Priyanka. There are no other strong characters. I am disappointed… I expected better… much better… much much better.

Some notes:

  • All male designers in the movie are gay. ???? I know most of them are… but all???
  • Priyanka’s friends help her become a model throughout the movie… she does not return the favor even at the peak of her career… why do they help out again for her come back?
  • Priyanka does not become a super model ‘coz of talent… it is just luck and meeting the right people
  • I like Kangana but she seems to take up the same kind of roles… where she has to play a little crazy
  • Priyanka flops as a model ‘coz of her naivity and arrogance. During her come back, she is on the verge of tears most of the time. How can you survive in the fashion world if you are not strong?
  • How the hell did she reach Paris in the end??? More luck???