The most repelling thing I have said to BF is “If you cheat on someone, don’t confess. No point”. He was shocked and disgusted… but I still stand by it.

Reason being this… if you cheat on your spouse/bf and tell him… he is never going to forget it… he may forgive but forgetting is impossible. You will lose him. If you plan to stay with him… why rock the boat? And if you plan to dump him… spare him the extra pain. When you cheat on someone you hurt their ego, self-respect.

In Sex and the City today… Carrie cheats on Aiden (her bf). Aiden is her most sensible bf to-date… but she cheats on him with her ex-bf. She is guilty all the time… does not hug him anymore… wants to confess but her gfs wisely advise against it. She tries to tell him a few times but the thought of losing him is killing. Finally, she blurts it out. He is hurt and devastated. She says the usual things; “I didn’t mean to… don’t know how it happened… I wasn’t thinking… I didn’t want to hurt you”

But Aiden leaves… and Carrie knows he is her best bf… but she loses him anyway.

Don’t ever cheat.

But if you do, don’t confess. No point.