Sales is a game. You play games with your superiors… your subordinates play games with you… you and your subordinate plays around with the distributor.

Today my sales executive and I played carrot on a stick with our distributor. In this game, you have to dangle a carrot in front of the db (distributor).

Step 1: Figure out what is db’s preferred carrot

Step 2: Dangle it in front of him

Step 3: Snatch it away from him

Step 3: Dangle half of the carrot

Step 4: Give him a taste of 1/4th of the carrot

Step 5: Promise him half of carrot if he gives you want you want (sales, distribution etc)

Step 6: Give him half of carrot if he gives you twice what you want and after double the committed time

Step 7: Never commit to entire carrot… always keep it out of his reach

Step 8: You will be transferred to another territory or join another organization by the time it is time to give entire carrot. The entire carrot becomes the next ASM’s headache