Last Sunday while rushing to catch my bus from Rajkot to Ahemdabad I bumped into an old friend. I didn’t recognize him even though we had spoken on the phone less than 2 months back. In my defence, he was losing his hair. Anyway, he was going to A’bad too and we decided to board the same bus.

Everything was going smoothly till he started asking weird questions:

Him (shocked): You drink?

Me: Yep

Him: Bf knows?

Me: Uh.. huh. Yes

Him: And he is ok with it?

Me (wondering where this is leading): Sure… he drinks too… actually he is quite a bewda (the thought of Bf being a bewda made me smile)

Him (scandalized): Are you trying to quit?

Me: Huh? Why will I?

Him: Well… you know… you could have trouble when you have kids and all

Me (What the fuck???): Hey… hey.. hey… I am not a bewdi… I just drink once in a blue moon

Him: How often?

Me (absolutely bored now): Don’t keep a count. Anyway, how is Richa? (his fiancee)

Him: Good.. good. blah… blah… blah. So, Bf knows you are with me?

Me: Yeah

Him: He doesn’t mind?

Me: No

Him: Richa is also very broad minded. She never questions who I am with and where I am going. She has never asked me even once. I can even tell her things like… I went for Garba and was ogling females in backless cholis. All she says is… I know you… you can only look… you will never do anything

Me: wondering… yeh main kahan aa gayi… tried my best to use telepathy to all friends so that someone would call and save me from further torture… but nobody called… not even Bf…:(