I am pissed. My sales executive just called souding extremely upset. He sounded de-motivated and worried about his target. He is my best executive and ranks 5th in the West Branch. His targets will affect mine.

The market is down… retailers, wholesalers, distributors do not have money. Maybe it is ‘coz of Diwali… maybe ‘coz it is month end.. maybe it is the fin sector.

I squarely blame the bloody USA and the bloody greed.

Until now I believed FMCG sector will not be affected. But I guess I was wrong. The whole world.. all economies… every person is going to be part of the turmoil.

Flashback: 2-3 yrs back

Parents: What will you specialize in MBA?

Me: Marketing

Parents: Doesn’t that involve a lot of travel?

Me: In sales.. yes… once I move to marketing it will be lesser. Thats half the charm… I like to travel

Parents: Why don’t you go for something stable… like HR?

Me: Eeks!!! HR has no value

Parents: Go for Finance… it pays well… you will have a stable desk job

Me: But… I don’t want a stable desk job

(Parents giving me disapproving looks)

The only positive from the financial situation is that Finance has lost its attractiveness… (atleast to my parents). Marketing will never be good enough… but neither will finance